Diesel Driven Compressors

The ideal choice for the transportable air compressor. Perfectly suited for truck mounting, the diesel compressor is designed to operate in the diverse environment of the Australian outback and is therefore your answer for compressed air in remote locations such as mine sites . Weatherproof, robust and reliable our range is also extremely economical.

Diesel Driven Compressors

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  • CFM: 55 - 390
  • Bar: 7
  • Model: DIS55 - DIS390


  • Highly reliable and durable
  • High Efficiency and low fuel consumption
  • Parking brake is standard equipment
  • Dependable low temperature start-up
  • Highly safe from start-up to shut-off
  • Air bleeding no longer necessary
  • Salt damage virtually eliminated
  • Low noise level
  • Transportation made easy


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